Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Monthly Cooking

Tomorrow is the big shopping day. I have my list complete and my recipes ready and my organic produce order has been submitted. We are buying over 25 pounds of meat and lots of produce. The best thing about this month is that everything is crock-pot friendly. My sister said she wanted more crock-pot recipes because they make her house smell so good and I delivered. 

All the recipes I used come from Once a Month Mom website. OAMM is a great website that has several menu options for your big day of freezer cooking and they charge a small fee to use the complete menu. My sister says I am a picky eater so I have a hard time picking just one menu, so it’s easier if I make my own. Plus, she did not need 30 meals this month and I like to cook a few times a week so we didn’t need a full month of meals. The menus on the site give you breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals too. It’s a great site, if you have never taken a look at it you should hop on over there.

After my sister said I am a picky eater, I gave it some thought and discovered that she may be right. BUT since I cut out high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugar, gluten, and processed food, my blood pressure has dropped and my pulse has too. I have reduced my medicines a lot and I am hoping that I can quit taking blood pressure medicine all together. 

Here's the meals we will be preparing with a link to the recipe. If you want, I can e-mail you the shopping list too. After we prepare everything I will let everyone know how it goes.

Taco Soup Double Taco Soup
        Thaw. Put in slow cooker on low 4-6 hrs or high 2-3 hrs.
Buffalo Chicken double Slow Cooked Buffalo Chicken


  1. I love these ideas! I tried out a couple of recipes from your last cooking spree and we loved them! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. Thanks Jessica! I hope you let me know if you try any of these and if you like them.

  3. Yum! They all sound so good!

    I"m your newest follower from the Monday Mingle :)