Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kidney Update

When I first found out I had kidney problems we had no idea what the cause was and I saw a doctor that was very uninterested in finding out what was causing the problems. I was 16 and he thought I had done drugs and did this to myself. Fast forward to college when I started seeing a new doctor. He was great and right away started doing every test to find out what was causing my problems. After finally finding a doctor that cared I didn't want to have to go through the process again to find a new doctor even after I moved back home. Every appointment I would drive three hours to see him. It's been almost ten years since I started seeing him but I knew it would be hard to travel down there with a baby. When I was in the hospital a local Nephroligist came to see me and scheduled a follow-up for 2 weeks later. I liked him and finally decided to transfer to a local doctor.

Every appointment is scary and I always fear the worst news. I knew my kidney function had dropped when I was in the hospital. There he told me that it was from the loss of blood and that once my body made the blood the levels would get a little better. I had hoped to see improvement at this appointment but he said it would probably take 2 months. He asked if we wanted to have another baby. I was totally surprised that he would ask because he obviously is thinking we could get pregnant again. He said that my kidney need to stabilize first, but we need to do it sooner rather than waiting with the chance my kidneys could get worst. In 5 more months we are going to check and see how things are going.

He said my kidneys are not going to get better, my function will continue to decline. I knew this already but I continue to pray that God performs a miracle. He said that when my creatine gets to 4.5 he would refer me to the transplant team. I really would like to go sooner to find out if someone in my family would be a match. I know that my dad and husband both have O blood, so they might be but there are 2 other blood test they run to know for sure. He said not to worry about it right now though. At this appointment my creatine was 3.03 and when I got pregnant it was right at 2.

I'm going to miss my old doctor, he was great and if I ever had a problem I had his cell number so I could call or text him directly. My new doctor seems really nice and he spent a lot of time in the room with us. We also didn't have to wait very long and that was a plus.

I wrote this during a late night pump/ feeding, please overlook any grammar or spelling errors.