Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We Moved!

September and October were crazy busy! For the past year or so we have been watching for a house to come on the market in the neighborhood we have lots and plan to build in. A house came on the market about half a mile down the road from it and both my husband and I had looked at the pictures on-line and neither one of us knew the other had. We both really liked it so we called our realtor and came to look at it. It was overpriced and the owners were not willing to come down but we kept talking about all the things we liked in this house. Finally, my husband said, "Why don't we rent it and get ready to build or buy in our neighborhood?" So we called our realtor and started the process to sign a lease. The very next week the tenants in the home we rent out informed us that they were moving out. Talk about bad timing! Since we were not able to get out of the lease we decided to try and get our house in town rented, our little house sold, and go ahead and move. 

So in September and October, we moved and got one house ready to rent and one house ready to sell. It was a month of extreme worry and stress but after our house in town was listed for a week we had a great family sign a lease and move in and then in October we listed the little house for sale and about ten days later we had a contract on it. Whew, all that worry for nothing!

Our lease on the home we are renting ends in June and there is a house we are expecting to come on the market very soon in the neighborhood we want to live in! From what we know of the house, it is going to work great for us but its going to need a lot of work to update it. Its got wallpaper in every room and even worst, a wall paper mural in the master bedroom. Not only is there wall paper in every room, but its all hunting themed too!

I'm really glad that things worked out for us to rent this home and sell the little house. In the past several months we have actually made offers on a few houses we were considering but if we are able to get the home in our neighborhood where our lots are it will work out even better. It really feels like God has directed us and closed doors because he knew there was something better for us down the road, but I will say that trusting Him has been really hard and I have worried a lot.