Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a New Year

Last year was full of so many changes. First, we decided to start the adoption process. Then, we bought our first foreclosure property and totally remodeled it. Throw in numerous doctor appointments driving here and there. Oh and a few fun trips too.

We learned so much going through all the adoption classes. Things I was scared to handle, such as child sexual abuse, no longer seem so scary. I also learned a lot about patience as the process took us so much longer than we had expected. Finally, we are totally done and now we just WAIT and WAIT and WAIT to be matched to our kids.

Let’s not forget all the doctor appointments too. We maxed out of Flex spending account on co-pays and medicine. It looks like next year will be just as busy with appointments too. I am thankful through it all that I have met some great doctors and I think my care is going to be fantastic.

Looking back it was a really busy year. If we get matched with siblings our whole life will continue at this busy pace. If we throw in a new house our life will get even busier as we move and put this house on the market. We could make things even more exciting and busy by adding a baby to our family. What will 2013 have for us?