Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lupus Flare

Most of the time I forget I even have lupus and honestly if my blood work didn't prove it I would think that I didn't. Except for the past several days. I've had lots of cramping in my fingers and toes. It's not been as bad as in the past but I still noticed it. In the past the cramps in my toes have been so bad I have had to pull my car over and park until it passes. I've also got a huge fever blister on the outside of my mouth, when it was first coming I counted over twenty little blisters all clustered together, and there have been a couple on the inside of my lip.

These symptoms really aren't that bad. I can handle a few cramps, they don't last long and the mouth sores is pretty uncomfortable but with the majority of it being on the outside it has not prevented me from eating or caused any major discomfort, its just ugly. I wasn't even going to post about it, but something prompted me to do it. 

This morning when I read all the Facebook comments that people were praying for me, I knew that was why I felt prompted to post. We all need prayer. Amazingly, my fever blister is on the mend even before it got super bad. Thank You all for reading my blog, your prayers and comments are always a welcome encouragement.