Tuesday, June 18, 2013

33 Week Update

How Far Along: 33 weeks. It feels great that we have made it this far. I know that if we were to have to deliver at any point now, she would do fine. At 33 weeks she would have a short NICU stay, but because she has made it this far she should not have any long term problems.

How is she doing? She is doing great. At the last 2 ultrasounds she has measured above 40% and her growth curve continues to move up! It is so amazing that our Baby Girl that was once measuring in the low 20th percentile and falling behind every week is now average. We estimate that she already weighs over 4 pounds, and I can also agree that she is getting bigger because my belly is getting bigger.

How is mom doing? My protein is still hovering at +2 or less than 1 gram. Not too bad for a kidney disease patient. My blood pressure is still under control and looking great.

On Friday I started to feel a little off, like I was getting a UTI. I started taking cranberry supplements to try and make it go away but by Monday it was getting worst so I went to the doctor and got antibiotics.

I'm slowly getting everything ready for her to get here. Her nursery is almost complete, but I need to organize all her clothes and put away the new stuff we got at our baby shower and that we have picked up at consignment stores and yard sales.  We plan to cloth diaper and here is a picture of my newborn diapers. 

Praise/Prayer Requests: Praise that she is growing and everything is looking great, no concerns or worries that we may have to deliver anytime soon. Thank you for all your prayers for us, it is really amazing that things continue to go so well.

Pray for my UTI to heal and that this does not cause any trauma to my kidneys. Continue to pray for healing for my kidneys. During the first trimester I saw some improvement in my kidney function but it has now gone back to where it was before I got pregnant (around 30%).

Saturday, June 8, 2013

31 week update

How Far Along 31 weeks and 4 days and I’m still amazed we have made it this far and even more amazing is that we have not had any major problems. Last week, I had an appointment with my MFM and he said that things are looking great and I don’t see him again until 34 weeks.

Total Weight Gain 22 pounds so far. I think in the next few weeks we will put on a lot as Baby Girl starts gaining weight pretty fast in these last weeks.

Movement Her movements are fewer but much more powerful. Sometimes my entire stomach moves when she kicks.

Food Cravings Hamburgers and French Fries, lemonade

Symptoms I was waking up several times during the night with horrible leg cramps but these last few nights have been much better. I've also had indigestion that makes sleeping harder.

Praise/Prayer Request We are very thankful that we have made it this far. This week the protein in my urine was +2, last week it was +3, I’m glad it came down and I’m praying it continues to remain low.  Overall things have been going amazing, my kidney function is remaining stable and she is growing great. No swelling, increase in blood pressure, or growth problems. I’m so grateful that she is doing so well.