Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Open Doors

Matt and I have been praying that God would open doors for us as pursue growing our family. As I have stated before, we are hoping to have a baby soon. We know that we won’t be able to get pregnant as many times as we would like, so we would also like to adopt. Surrogacy is also a great option we have been considering; we just need someone to do it for us with great health insurance. 
Before we got married, we didn't see each other until the ceremony and we were talking through the door.

Our desire is to have many children and I (not so much Matt) think it would be cool to cart all these kids around in a new VW bus coming out 2014. Matt jokingly said that if I got a VW and painted it like the vintage VW buses everyone would know who I was by my bus. He thinks it’s kinda funny but I think it would be awesome and super cool. It will probable embarrass my kids.  

Yesterday, I got news of some doors that are opening and maybe closing. I called to make an appointment with a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor and I am able to see him very soon, next week actually. What is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor I didn’t think I would be able to see him so soon, so I will take this a sign that God is opening the door for us. I also got an email that our Home Study for adoption has not been submitted for approval yet, I was shocked and thought that it would already be at the state. Maybe this is God’s way of slowing down the process and closing that door for the next year or so for us.

Tomorrow, I hope to get so blood work done to see if my kidneys have improved yet. I am praying that they have and I hope you will too. If not, it’s still ok, all my other numbers are looking pretty awesome and the IVIg will help them too.


  1. Talonna, I have a friend who wants to be a surrogate mother! She approached me about it a few months ago, offering to do it for me, but that is not the route we desire. Would you like me to talk to her about your situation? If you are totally uninterested, feel free to say so. I just thought I would mention it!

  2. Praying for you about your bloodwork. Let me know how everything is looking!

    p.s. I LOVE the VW bus!! : )