Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coffee, I miss you!

I have been missing my cup of coffee every morning. Last week I decided it would be better for my health to cut back on drinking it. I have done well with it, cutting back to no coffee during the week and a cup on Saturday and Sunday. I did it mostly because I can't have coffee without sugar and I have been trying to reduce the sugar in my life. If you know me, you know I love sweets.

I can't believe how bad processed sugar is for my health. My pulse goes up if I eat artificial sugar and processed sugar. That's a horrible fact for a gal like me that loves anything sweet.

I was going to add in here something really corny about how sweet my husband is, but I'm sure you would rather I keep those things to myself.

Coffee is also bad for my body in other ways besides just sugar. It's also bad for my body and it's ability to use calcium. I also got my labs and uric acid was slightly elevated. That can cause gout and I deffinetley don't want that problem. So hopefully reducing some things like sugar and coffee will help it come down.

A great idea for anyone that wants to reduce their coffee intake is to drink it out of a cute little tea cup. I know my tea cups that match my vintage china are half the size of my everyday tableware. Then you still get to enjoy coffee but in a smaller amount.

One of my kidney girl friends wrote a great post on giving up coffee, please go show her blog some love and read it, it will make you laugh, The Bad Bad Beans.

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