Thursday, April 18, 2013

24 Week Appointment

Well, my appointment yesterday didn’t quite go as I had hoped. There was a lot of good news, but also some disappointing news too.  

To start, I had an ultrasound and Baby Girl is so cute. She is breech, but I don’t think that really matters since I’m going to have a scheduled c-section.  I love looking at the ultrasound pictures and trying to guess what she will look like when she gets here. I think she will look more like Matt simply because I don’t think she is going to be born with the head full of brown hair I had as a baby. We checked her size and she is now at 28%, and 5 weeks ago with the same ultrasound tech we were at 56%. I'm so disappointed that she is falling behind on her growth. The blood flow is still looking great and she still has lots of fluid too. My Dr. said that blood flow and fluid are the two most important things we will be checking and as long as they are at good levels we are ok. 

After my ultrasound I went to see my Doctor. My blood pressure was better than last week at the office and my protein check was trace. We were both really excited that my protein is so low! This means no pre-eclampsia symptoms. I would love to know if this improvement in my protein also equals an improvement in my kidney function, but at the same time I’m nervous to find out. Next week, we will check again to make sure that she still has good blood flow to her and lots of fluid.  We will also see if she stays around 26%, and if she does then that would be great, she would just be a small baby. From now until delivery I will be seen weekly to make sure no problems creep up. We still don’t know when delivery will be, as long as things continue to look good we will keep her inside, my due date is August 7.

Thanks for all your sweet messages and comments and most of all your prayers. I’m thrilled that we have made it this far and things are still going well. I’m so thankful that my kidney’s seem to be doing great and in May I will find out my function. Please continue to pray that she continues to grow and that she does not fall further behind.  Our God is Powerful and able to do Miracles.


  1. Praying for you and baby girl! I love your blog my daughter is about 4 weeks behind you in her pregnancy and its kind of neat to see what's next for our grandson. God bless you! Susan

  2. we love all the up dates and are praying baby girl will be just fine, you and her great GramMa and her great great GramMa are all on the small side. LOVE the 3 of you!