Friday, April 12, 2013

23 weeks and Good News

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my OBGYN. He said that he and my MFM are very happy with the way things are going. It was nice to chat about being pregnant a few months from now, and reassuring that we would make it that far. My blood pressure was still a little high in the office, but I told him that it had gone back to normal when I saw the MFM and they did not want to change the dose. I’ve also gained a total of 8 pounds this pregnancy, and he was happy about that. I’m working to gain more because I’m still a little behind. There have been several stops for Chicken Biscuits and Milkshakes to help make it happen.

21 weeks

Every week I have to give a urine sample to be tested for protein, it’s something all pregnant women do. It’s been a little high every time since I have kidney disease and I already spill a little protein, but yesterday it was the lowest it has ever been this entire pregnancy and back to normal for my kidneys. That was great news.

We also talked about steroid shots and decided we would do them at 28 weeks and then a booster if we have to deliver before 34 weeks. I was so happy to hear that he thinks there will be no problems before 28 weeks and even later.  

At my ultrasound last week at the MFM office, baby girl was measuring at 46% on the scan and at 18 weeks she was 61%. My OB said that this is probable an indication that she is starting to fall behind on growth but because she started out big she has a long ways she can fall behind before it becomes an issue. He said with my high blood pressure, and the anti-bodies it was very unlikely that this would not happen, but at least it has happened later. Next week I have another ultrasound and we will make sure there are no clots in the placenta and the umbilical cord is still providing her with enough nourishment. Right now, she weighs over a pound, and more than Malakai when he was born.
23 weeks

Overall, it was a good appointment. Praise that my protein was lower this time. Please be praying for her growth, my blood pressure to remain normal, continued improvement and restoration of my kidneys, full-term delivery, and wisdom for the doctors.


  1. Glad to hear such wonderful news! You look gorgeous, love your bump!

  2. best news you look so cute praying all goes as planned

  3. I'm so very happy all is going so well, you look so very pretty,love the pictures, your Gramma will be happy to hear the good report,we are all praying! and LOVE you 3 very much!

  4. Great news girl!! You look adorable! ;)