Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Phone Calls

Yesterday, birth mom called to let me know that she is going to be induced tonight. She sounded excited and said that she would be doing errands all day and getting ready to bring the baby home. In my mind I kept thinking “I wonder if she is going to say she has changed her mind and she wants us to adopt him?” She didn’t have long to talk, I just let her know I am so proud that she has done so well with the pregnancy since she has made it full-term. I would have loved to have become his mom, but if I want her to make the choice that is best for her, then I still have to love her even if the choice is not what I wanted. I’m still trying to decide if I am going to ask her if I can go see her and the baby. I’m not sure if that might be a little too hard for me, I’ve been having a few hard days lately. Failed adoptions hurt, especially when things start out looking so promising. At the same time it's encouraging to see other moms that have had premature babies go on and have pregnancies that go full-term.

I also recently got a phone call for an appointment with a rheumatologist that my nephrologists suggested. The young lady that called to set the appointment up was so sweet, so I hope it’s an indication that the doctor is nice too. My nephrologist likes him and said that he has already talked to him about me and will send him everything on me. My doctor told me this while we were texting back and forth. I think it’s pretty cool my doctor texts his patients. Rheumatologists deal with Lupus and APS (http://www.apsfa.org/pregnancy.htm) so I hope that he is positive and willing to help us get the anti-bodies down so we can try again soon. I also hope that he is familiar with IVIg treatments, after doing a lot of research I really think that this is what I need to have a successful pregnancy. It is supposed to help my specific kidney disease improve, its also used for auto-immune diseases and since all three of my problems are auto-immune, I think it will really help a lot. http://www.apsfa.org/docs/APS-ivig2.pdf

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