Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated fifty months of blissful marriage. When we got married we decided that on the 24th of every month we would make it a special day and celebrate. I’ve read several books that say you should make one day of every week a date night, but we thought one day a month would be easier as our family grows. Celebrating our anniversary every month also makes it hard to forget the big one every year. So if your spouse has a bad habit of forgetting the big one every year, then maybe celebrating every month will help them remember better.

Even though we have not been married for several years,  I think we still have experienced a lot that most couples our age have not. Like experiences that most couples would probably not be able to weather, but that has helped us grow closer together. Experiences like the disappointment of three pregnancies that didn’t go full-term, or the roller coaster of my kidney disease.

The best advice I received before we got married was to not fight over the little things, because we are not guaranteed tomorrow and if our spouse was gone would it have still been a big deal worth fighting over? I also think having an understanding that there is more than one way to accomplish a task has helped us a lot, knowing that it’s ok if I do something a different way than he would. Most importantly, our beliefs have been the cornerstone that has strengthened our marriage. 

Fifty is big, so we are going to celebrate in a big way this coming weekend. Matt is taking me to my favorite place and I’m so excited. Yesterday, we had lunch together and, since tomorrow is a big day we need to get ready for, we decided to wait until this weekend to really celebrate in a big way! I’ll update you tomorrow night on how things went.

Do you and your spouse do anything special on a weekly or monthly basis? Please comment below.

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