Friday, May 10, 2013

26 and 27 week update

It's so amazing that we have made it this far, farther than any other pregnancy. It's even more amazing that we have not had any problems either. We had expected that my blood pressure would rise during the pregnancy, the blood flow would be bad, pre-eclampsia would set in, I would get all swollen; the list of what could have happened could just keep going, but it doesn't. It's really a miracle and I love and thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for us.

How Far Along: We have now reached 27 weeks and 4 days! We had planned to do steroid shots for her lungs next week but since everything is going so well we are going to wait at least another week. They are the most helpful if the baby is delivered within 7 days so I think this is a good sign we won't be delivering any time soon.

Total weight gain: 18 pounds

Movement: Last night I could feel her moving positions. During the ultrasound she was head up again, so maybe last night she flipped back head down. It was pretty funny to feel what I think was her little bottom move across my belly. We also played a little game for a few minutes where I would push my belly and then she would kick my hand. I'm not sure she thought it was fun so I didn't want to do it too long.

Food Cravings: Jelly Beans and chocolate milk

Symptoms: Is walking like a duck considered a symptom? Or several trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night? 

Praise/ Prayer Requests: Baby Girl has maintained her growth curve for the last two weeks! We were worried that since she had fallen behind that she would continue to fall but it looks like she is maintaining her current growth pattern. Continue to pray that the blood flow remains steady and strong so that she can continue to grow and that we make it full term. Also pray that my blood pressure remains controlled and my kidneys continue to maintain their function and improve.

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  1. Hi, I am a lovenox mommy trying to keep track of you as I remember... and PRAYING,PRAYING, PRAYING! I rejoice with you that you are so far along, what an encouragement!