Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 22, 2013 Dr Appointment Update

I had an appointment with my nephrologist yesterday. After the delivery of Baby M three months ago I hemorrhaged and that caused my kidney function to drop drastically. It was around 17 percent function and that was pretty scary. My nephrologist had said that it would come up but he didn’t think it would return to what it was before I got pregnant.

I’m so excited, amazed, and thankful to say that my kidney function improved back to what it was before I got pregnant! It may be a percentage or two lower but the numbers change from day to day so I’m going to say that it’s back to normal. It makes me feel good to know that the pregnancy went well and didn't cause any loss of function. Just in case you’re wondering my function before pregnancy was between 25-29 percent.

My cholesterol was high, and I know that a lot of girls in my kidney support group have high cholesterol but I’m hoping that it was just a onetime thing since we have been eating a lot of convenience foods since we brought Baby M home but we are getting better about eating healthy. We didn't add any medicine for this and I hope when I go back in 3 months it has improved.

My protein was higher than before, and I’m spilling right at 1.5 grams. Anything under a gram is considered good so this makes me a little nervous. As my kidneys spill more protein it causes more scar tissue and a decrease in function. He was not worried about it and said that it was not a lot but we did increase one of my medicines (Enalapril) that help with the protein spillage. I was taking it before I got pregnant as the only medicine to control my blood pressure but this time we are using it at a lower dose and the medicine I took during pregnancy (Procardia) at a lower dose. He said that even though it can help with protein it can actually cause my function to get lower. I think that increasing it just a little is a happy medium.  Enalapril is not safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding but he said that staying on the Procardia at a lower dose would make it easier to stop taking the Enalaparil when we start trying again.

I’ve heard several people say that I should not get pregnant again and chance my kidneys getting damaged resulting in dialysis or a transplant. The reality is that my kidney disease (FSGS) is degenerative and even if I don’t get pregnant again they will eventually stop working and I will need a transplant or dialysis.

I will go back in three months to see if the medicine change has helped and I’m praying for the protein to be reduced and more improvement in my function.

Thank you all for praying that my kidneys would get better. 

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  1. No one has any business telling you whether you should or shouldn't get pregnant. Such a personal decision & on I know you'll make with your husband & the Lord! So happy for your great news!!!