Monday, July 1, 2013

Nursery Reveal

 I've had a lot of fun decorating the nursery as we anticipate the arrival of Baby Girl. Since we started trying to have a baby four years ago, I already had several big items that we needed. 

Here's a list of most of the items in the nursery, where we got them, and how much we paid.

Crib- given to me from my sister 
Mattress- Ordered on Amazon, $30
Picture above crib- Hobby Lobby, clearance $20
Elephants- Free, they were looking for new homes
Quilt- made just for Baby Girl by my Aunt
Door Jammer- made by me, Estimate $2 for materials
Storytime Glider- bought off craigslist, $85
Quilt on Glider- my dad's baby blanket from his mom
Bookshelf- my husbands from when he was a child
Various books- mostly given to us or from Thrift Stores
 Blankets- made by my Aunt
Frogs- mine from childhood
Baby Sweater- made by my Aunt
Curtains- $20 for the curtains + $20 for the trim= $40
Antique Stool being used as small table- from my childhood
Pottery Barn Rug- craigslist, $20
Dresser- moved from our bed room. 
Changing Pad- Amazon, $20
Changing Pad Cover- Target, gift
Collage above Dresser- mostly things I already had, but with paint and other stuff, $20 

Add it all up and our nursery cost about $237

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